"Your copy doesn't suck." 

Tien Barnett, Director of Integrated Marketing, Springs Window Fashions


"Lee is the consummate craftsman and wordsmith. His conceptual abilities are astonishing. Rarely do you find a creative person who is both strategically aware and conceptually gifted. Not to mention genuinely fun to be around."

Bill Winchester, President and Chief Creative Officer, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs


"Lee can craft a message that speaks to any audience. And his goal is always to make an impression, drive behavior, and achieve a result for his clients on time, on budget. I've experienced this first-hand on countless projects spanning the past 13 years. I highly recommend Lee."

Jean Van Den Brandt, Vice President of Marketing (retired), Secura Insurance


"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Lee on numerous projects over the years. What’s great about working with Lee is that besides always coming up with great ideas, he’s incredibly collaborative and always a pleasure to work with."

David Gray, Director, Supply & Demand (production company)


"I've worked with Lee on a variety of accounts, projects, clients and goals. He is the rare copywriter who cooks with the holy trinity of advertising ingredients--an analytical mind that cuts quickly to what needs to be solved, a creative hand that produces volumes of work that everyone is proud of and a passionate heart that pours humor and/or empathy into everything he writes."

Pete Griffith, Owner, Mentum


"As a client, I've had the pleasure and benefit of working with Lee for over 10 years. He deftly melds highly competent writing skills, breadth of experience, and strategic thinking to create exceptional copy. Few, very few copywriters bring this complete skill set to bear on a project."

Al Chaney, Chief Brand Strategist, Chaney Marketing Strategy


"My thanks to Michael Martin (mmmrtnn@gmail.com) for his considerable contributions to the design, typography and construction of leeschmidt.com."

Lee H. Schmidt