Lee…lots of experience…quick study…craftsman…attention to detail…fluent in baby boomer because I am one…fluent in millennial because I helped make one…print, digital, video, radio, TV…outdoor, DM, POP…long copy, short punchy copy…ideas…big ideas...ideas that make you say “Hey, that’s a good idea”…on strategy, on budget…on time. 




So why hire me?

You mean, besides the fact I’ve been blessed with rugged good looks, effortless charm and down-to-earth Midwestern modesty that’s as big as the great outdoors?

Well, writing is in my genes. My mom wrote letters, essays and poetry. My entrepreneurial dad wrote invoices and bills of sale. I inherited the requisite blend of art and commerce to be a copywriter.

Writing is also under my skin. At the age of four, the pencil I was using snapped and a lead sliver slipped under the skin of my palm. The faint mark can still be seen.

Destiny? Yes, destiny.

But a more important reason to hire me is my portfolio.

I’ve had the good fortune of working for some first-rate advertising agencies. Like Martin/Williams; Fallon; Clarity Coverdale Fury; and Lindsay, Stone & Briggs. I’ve teamed up with some talented art directors and designers. Well over 40 of them at last count. And I’ve worked alongside some whip-smart clients.

The result? You can see for yourself on this site.

My ads have been honored by the usual suspects: CLIO, the Cannes (I like to say “can.” How do you like to say it?) Film Festival, The One Show for Art and Copy, the O’Toole Awards for Creative Excellence, Communications Arts magazine and The Show, Minneapolis.

At this point, convention requires that I mention something about my personal interests. For example, being a Wisconsin native, I could say I like ice fishing. But the truth is, I’ve never been ice fishing. I like ice, especially in a glass with a little Jim Beam, a brand I once worked on. And I like fish. I’ll eat almost anything with a fin. But I’ve never been able to put the two together.

Now, please do your best to pry yourself away from this riveting copy. And have a look at my work.

And thanks for taking the time to read to the end. You’re a person of remarkable focus who appreciates compelling, well-crafted writing. You should give me a call.